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EDCSD is now Monte Nido San Diego. For more information, visit here.

Why Choose Us

Specializing in treatment of anorexia, bulimia, and emotional or binge eating disorder, we focus wholly on empowering our clients into lasting recovery. We know first-hand that eating disorders are daunting and cunning diseases, often overwhelming every aspect of one’s moods, thoughts, relationships and activities of daily living. With our committed and passionate team, you can rely on Eating Disorder Center of San Diego to provide hope for a brighter future, understanding of your individual needs and challenges, and the expertise and companionship to move into recovery. When expert care meets a willing client, healing is not only possible, it truly is within your reach.

  • Personalized Care. We meet you where you are today, creating a program that responds best to your individual needs and goals.
  • Expert Professionals. We are a multi-disciplinary team, rich in eating disorder experience, oriented specifically to a woman’s healing process.
  • Integrated Treatment Techniques. We use traditional, holistic, and experiential treatment methods designed to engage your specific learning style and readiness level.
  • Family Support. We provide support, guidance, and understanding for the loved ones of those in treatment.
  • Flexibility. Program times are designed to accommodate work and school schedules.
  • Insurance Accepted. We accept insurance and provide advocacy in navigating the insurance process.

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