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What Our Clients are Saying

“As a parent of an eating disordered daughter as well as a client at EDCSD, I am pretty familiar with treatments available in the area. EDCSD has, by far, the most comprehensive program around. The multi-dimensional approach has helped me to begin releasing a disorder I have had for 35 years. I have worked with most of the therapists on staff. They are highly trained, knowledgeable and compassionate professionals who have earned my whole-hearted respect.”

AG, Encinitas

“After completing residential, three days later I relapsed. I don’t know if I wanted to relapse, it was the only thing I knew. When I came to EDCSD I told myself I was not going home until I got better. I could not have done this without faith, trust and my new community. Now, it has been over four years since I have restricted or engaged in self-harm behaviors. Thank you Page and EDCSD for listening, allowing me to be raw and vulnerable, seeing/hearing me and reassuring me that I MATTER. I AM SAFE, LOVED, and NOT ALONE.”

RB, Carlsbad

“I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work and dedication to my daughter. I have recently noticed her sitting down to dinner with us and ENJOYING her meals; something I haven’t seen in at least a few years. Out of everyone in my family, I used to enjoy cooking for her the most because she loved my cooking so much; it’s nice to see she’s back! I know this affliction is cyclical and I have no expectations; however, our daughter has definitely made huge strides in the positive direction…and I’m absolutely certain it is because of YOUR expertise, YOUR education, YOUR compassion and the respect you have earned from her and the trust she places in you. Thank you!”

L.K. La Mesa (Parent of Teen in IOP)

“Most of the therapists I’ve worked with before focused on the problem—how I was ‘broken’ or ‘diseased.’ At the EDCSD, I was finally given space to take a deep breath and relish in my unique wholeness, a pureness that had always been there, lost underneath decades of following others’ shoulds, have-tos and musts. In learning to be me, I have been able to take risks, become a powerful choice maker and find joy in who I AM! Thank you everyone at the EDCSD!”

HMP, Leucadia, CA

“Taking the program at the EDCSD has been the most rewarding part of my recovery process. Not only have they led me on a path of discovering myself, they have provided an environment in which I at last feel valuable, even lovable. I learned that I don’t have to fear my feelings because it is only with them that I truly heal. Because of their commitment to me and my recovery, I have found hope and healing in the midst of an eating disorder.”

LKA, La Jolla, CA

“…it’s interesting to see how far I’ve come in as little as 4 1/2 months. I went from [self-harming] tendencies, starving, purging, apathy, loneliness, hopelessness, hatred of the world, never showing a true smile…to being blessed I lived, eating, abstinence, laughing, going to work, being with and making new friends, excited for my future and taking steps towards college, getting along with my parents…. all in 4 1/2 months. THANK YOU”.

HK, Teen in IOP, La Mesa

“I’ve finally found my home in this wild world of recovery. The Women here, with their combined love, wisdom, and compassion, have helped me reach my intrinsic truth which is the most powerful force, weapon, and shield against ED. I am growing to love who I am and learning to go forward by use of soul-driven motion. How beautiful is that?!! The fear just keeps on shrinking, and without this program, I’m not so sure I’d be able to state that fact. It’s a true blessing in my life and it’s all really happening!”

AJT, San Diego CA

“When you get done reading this, I hope you will say, ‘I want to be there!’ This program has made the hugest difference in my life…I have trust and connection for the first time, I finally feel safe, I understand why I have hated my body and, I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am actually learning how to love it. The staff are caring, honest, devoted and real…there is truly something special here.”

RCB, San Diego, CA

“I am so grateful for how hard everyone at the Eating Disorder Center of San Diego works for all of us. I can’t express my admiration, love, and gratitude enough. It baffles me how much you all give every day to so many people, how many lives you touch and help change, and how you continue to inspire and nurture me every day. I never told you, but I nominated the Eating Disorder Center of San Diego for an award for philanthropic small business of the year. That is how much I want the world to know about you! You are sharing your gifts and making such an impact, not only within the Eating Disorder Center of San Diego, but also out into the world through all of us. Page, you are a magical being, a blessing to so many. Thank you for sharing your light with us.”

KR, San Diego, CA