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Teen Group Services

Teen Eating Disorder Help San Diego

We offer teen eating disorder help San Diego with group services. While some of our older teens prefer the adult eating disorder groups, we created groups just for teens themselves. The following group therapies are designed to support teens on two levels of recovery. First, to develop growing mastery in reducing eating disordered and associated thoughts and behaviors; and second, to build lives they love to live based on authentic self-connection. Groups are included at all levels of programs at EDCSD and are recommended based on the unique needs of each adolescent.

Parent Education and Support Group
This group provides intensive outpatient eating disorder help with an opportunity for parents of our teens to meet weekly with our Registered Dietician, ask questions, and discuss concerns about their adolescent. Parents are taught to identify warning signs should their teen have an increase in eating disorder behaviors. Nutrition and eating disorder education is also provided, as well as support around meal planning, eating mindfully, and preparing for life stressors.
Teen DBT Group
Being a teenager is an exercise in transition, adjustment and balance. Dealing with the pressures of school, work, relationships, and finding your life path can be daunting! Here, we focus on how to develop strategies for coping with eating disorder behaviors while growing through the self-making years. Find out more about how DBT therapy can help.
Teen Expressive Arts Group
This group involves yoga, body image exploration and anxiety reduction techniques through different forms of art. This teen eating disorder help group encourages teens to express their inner world and are supported in cultivating body acceptance and inner peace. Teens learn to identify how emotions show up in the body and how to release mental and emotional energy in positive ways.
Teen Focused Power Groups – Infused CBT
For many, decision making feels quite difficult as does setting goals. Here, we teach practical, empowering methods to move effectively toward your goals, which is a learned skill developed over time, not a lack of willpower.
Teen Mindful Meal Groups
In this group, teens eat together mindfully, and then discuss fears and reservations about food. We focus on the specific challenges that teens face and how to bring the calming practices cultivated here into their daily lives.
Teen Process Group
This group is a safe place for teens to be real, without fear of judgment or consequence. Here, we discuss teen issues, vent feelings, and ask questions. It’s a place to discuss new experiences and challenges, as well as develop the confidence and understanding to face them!
Teens and Substance Use Support Group
Focusing on education and prevention for teens at high risk for substance abuse, this group provides healthier options for teens to cope, fit in, manage peer pressure and explore their freedom than turning to substances. Teens may have varying levels of substance use, from experimentation to social use to dependence or abuse. This group is practical and direct, being cognitive-behaviorally focused. Permission for random urinalyses will be requested from parents.
Supportive Process Group for Teens
For many teens, food and eating is no longer about nourishment and life but rather about dealing with peer pressure, school stress and perceived insecurity. Here, we provide a community of support and strength for teen eating disorder help, so teens can deal with these issues in a healthy way.
Teen Cognitive & Dialectical Therapy – CBT/DBT
CBT and DBT are leading therapeutic approaches that provide real solutions for tolerating relational distress, managing eating urges and impulses, regulating emotions, and improving self-connection. Through integrating these tools and concepts, teens will be more able to move life in the direction they choose!
Exercise with Friends
For many, exercise has become drudgery, with the rigid focus of losing weight and burning calories. In this class, we make exercise fun again, redefining exercise as learning to move and enjoy your body with focus, control and confidence. Bring a friend or loved one for free!
Teen Mindful Meal Groups
In this teen eating disorder help group, teens eat together mindfully, and then discuss fears and reservations about food. We focus on the specific challenges that teens face and how to bring the calming practices cultivated here into their daily lives.

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