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Healing Emotional Eating Program (Teens)

Our Healing Emotional Eating Program was designed specifically for teens who struggle with over-eating, emotional and stress eating, or binge eating, often triggered by life stressors, relationship challenges or changes in mood. More specifically, this can involve:

  • Difficulty with food portion control
  • Eating to deal with peer pressure
  • Grazing throughout the day when not hungry
  • Eating in response to feelings or circumstances
  • Feeling disappointment after eating
  • Feeling shame about or discomfort in one’s body
  • Feeling generally out of control with food
  • Withdrawing from social events or relationships due to body image

Research studies reveal that Americans spend over 40 billion dollars a year on diets, targeting weight loss alone, with overwhelming evidence that weight loss results don’t last. Because of the false promises of the dieting industry, those struggling with overeating often assume losing weight is a matter of willpower leaving them feeling defeated, when it is the dieting approach itself that is ineffective. Teens, due to peer pressure and a lack of funds, often diet through caloric restriction commonly followed by binging episodes. Many unbiased experts such as doctors, nutritionists and researchers continue to dispel the myth that there is a ‘magic bullet’ for weight loss and are strongly recommending a well-rounded approach. Across the board, the solution involves permanent lifestyle changes with balanced nutrition, enjoyable exercise and healthy emotional expression and coping.

Healing Emotional Eating is committed to companioning teens toward whole person healing, by addressing nutritional, exercise and therapeutic components. They will gain both concrete tools to manage eating urges and impulses as well as real power to address underlying psychological dynamics that often cause overeating. Healing Emotional Eating Program averages about 5 hours per week, often including the following services:

  • Individual Therapy with Therapist
  • Mind-Body Connection Group
  • Support and Skills Group (DBT/CBT)
  • Redefining Health Group
  • Intuitive Eating Meal Group
  • Family Therapy (as recommended)

Healing Emotional Eating Program is for teens who value the process of healing and wholeness over fad diets and rapid weight loss. Our goal is that they would transform inside and out, accessing personal well being, becoming more able-bodied, and enjoying an active, fulfilling lifestyle. An 8 week commitment is recommended in order to build a new foundation from which to live regarding food, weight and self worth.

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