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EDCSD is now Monte Nido San Diego. For more information, visit here.

Our Philosophy

Eating Disorder Center of San Diego is a premier eating recovery treatment center that provides outstanding care to the greater North County and surrounding areas. For both our teen and adult programs, we include a combination of therapies, as well as support and guidance for involved families, to support clients in treatment. We will partner with clients (and families) to create a specialized program to meet the unique needs of each participating member.

Imagine being able to healthily and effectively:

  • Decrease destructive eating behaviors
  • Transform food and weight concerns
  • Heal body image discomfort
  • Prevent constant mind chatter
  • Manage uncomfortable feelings

Through a unique combination of expert and personal care, client empowerment, and outside-the-box techniques, together we will do just that! We begin by creating a treatment plan truly customized to your individual needs and readiness level, partnering with you where you are today. From this plan we select specific therapies, designed to fit with your learning style, that target the symptoms preventing recovery. These therapies aim to support you in discovering, building on, and believing in your core strengths. In nurturing your innate power and abilities, you will gain confidence and ownership over your recovery that will overflow into the entire foundation from which you live.

As you master and reduce eating disorder symptoms, you will also find yourself transforming:

  • Self-consciousness into self-care
  • Perfectionism into acceptance
  • Skepticism and doubt into trust and confidence
  • Worried decisions into focused choices and
  • Job and relationship dissatisfaction into renewed
    careers and relationship identity

In addition to traditional treatment techniques such as talk therapy and nutrition therapy, we place a strong emphasis on experiential healing methods. These outside-the-box techniques engage participation while also providing the understanding, strategies and experiences needed to actualize recovery outside the therapy office. These tools and experiences create the emotional confidence critical to achieving lasting recovery. Ultimately, we hope to help you spark a connection with your true self, the real you that exists underneath the fog created by your disorder – the you you were always meant to be!

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