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Individual Services

In addition to traditional talk therapy, we also offer intensive eating disorder treatment in San Diego to accelerate healing. These services may be included in our programs and are individualized to meet the needs of each client.

Traditional Talk Therapy
Individual, Couple or Family eating disorder treatment in San Diego: support to explore personal issues, goals and blocks to transformation, relationship and life actualization. Also, case management and referral support with other pertinent professionals (support groups, community resources, specialists, etc).
Somatic Experiencing
Based on the work of Peter Levine, this method helps clients uncover an innate ability in the body to overcome the effects of past traumas. This work seeks to restore a natural connection and balance within the nervous system without the need for excessive verbal processing or reliving of the past.
Body Based Yoga Therapy
Gentle, hands-on yoga postures, in combination with therapeutic dialogue, as well as assisted dialogue between parts of self, to increase awareness and gain access to inner guidance through understanding body sensations and messages.
Expressive Arts Therapy
Supportive art experiences that allow clients to get out of their heads, into their bodies, and find the creative nourishment that makes life worth living.
Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)
A very effective modality that utilizes bi-lateral stimulation to assist the brain in reorganizing emotional charge often surrounding issues of loss, trauma, abuse and stress.
Nutritional Therapy
A safe environment from which to explore complex issues of nutrition, body-image, weight, exercise, challenging foods and food rituals, physical health and overall well-being.
Individual DBT Sessions
One-on-one support for improved coping that includes personal ‘Symptom Response Plans’ and chain analyses of entrenched eating disorder behaviors.
Therapeutic Massage
Through therapeutic healing massage, the therapist will customize your experience to ensure your comfort, guide and support your process, and create a safe space where relaxation and deeper mind/body healing can occur.
Transitional Therapy
We accompany the client in real world situations that trigger anxiety such as shopping, preparing a meal, or entering a social situation. By supporting them and developing skills and ways of coping in the moment, they are able to confront their fears and find the confidence to do it alone.
Anxiety Reduction
Here, we offer breathing techniques, grounding exercises, and present moment living to reduce anxiety and strengthen the inner spirit.
A deep, spiritual practice which brings the awareness inward and away from the body. The goal is not to reach nirvana, but to learn to accept life as it is and connect to the joyous inner self.

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