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Overview of Treatment for Eating Disorders San Diego

At the Eating Disorder Center of San Diego, we provide help for adults and teens with eating disorders San Diego. We understand the devastation of eating disorders extends far beyond the individuals experiencing them. Families and loved ones also experience feelings of guilt, stress and helplessness as they watch someone they love being debilitated by this destructive disease. It is not uncommon for family members to become exhausted and burnt-out, feeling overworked and alone in caring for someone with an eating disorder.

At EDCSD, family and loved ones play an important role in a client’s healing with our outpatient eating disorder help. Not only do we invite your involvement, we also offer separate support for your own process, as you may experience the twist and turns of your loved one in recovery. We are here to offer you guidance, answers and hope as you and your loved one navigate the healing process. Our outpatient eating disorder help also provides the support for you to take care of yourself.

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