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EDCSD is now Monte Nido San Diego. For more information, visit here.

Admissions to EDCSD

If you or a loved one are considering treatment for an eating disorder, we acknowledge the courage and clarity necessary to take the first step toward healing. Our desire is to companion our clients and their families through this challenging process, providing hope, expertise and support.

Upon contacting us, our Admissions Director will listen to your concerns, seek to understand your history, answer questions and talk to you about how we can help. Should you desire, we can then set up a time for an initial consultation. After the initial consultation, recommendations will be offered to best support your recovery and healing, whether at our Center or elsewhere if appropriate. Our commitment is to support you and your family’s next best step, in regard to treatment options, finances and insurance, and concerns with beginning treatment. To speak with our admission coordinator directly, please call 1.888.228.1253 or contact us.


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