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Program includes holistic and traditional Eating Disorder treatment approaches, customized programming, flexible scheduling and experts who meet you where you are today.


Program includes after school scheduling, support for all family members and therapies relevant to the unique needs of teens.


Program includes a whole person Eating Disorder treatment approach, nutrition, exercise and therapy components, evening scheduling and affordable rates.


Program includes options of over 10 individual treatment and group therapy modalities, flexible scheduling and committed partnership for every step.

What Our Clients Are Saying

When you get done reading this, I hope you will say, ‘I want to be there!’ This program has made the hugest difference in my life…I have trust and connection for the first time, I finally feel safe, I understand why I have hated my body and, I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am actually learning how to love it. The staff are caring, honest, devoted and real…there is truly something… Read More.  

- RCB, San Diego, CA

I’ve finally found my home in this wild world of recovery. The Women here, with their combined love, wisdom, and compassion, have helped me reach my intrinsic truth which is the most powerful force, weapon, and shield against ED. I am growing to love who I am and learning to go forward by use of soul-driven motion. How beautiful is that?!! The fear just keeps on shrinking… Read More.  

- AJT, San Diego, CA

I am so grateful for how hard everyone at the Eating Disorder Center of San Diego works for all of us. I can’t express my admiration, love, and gratitude enough. It baffles me how much you all give every day to so many people, how many lives you touch and help change, and how you continue to inspire and nurture me every day. I never told you, but I nominated the Eating Disorder Center… Read More.  

- KR, San Diego, CA